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Top Five Inc. has been partnering with Industry and Technology partners to foster growth and provide value since 2006. Our experience includes both successful growth and successful exits since our inception.

Mature Industrial Segments – We start with investing in individuals that have executive level experience with proven market contacts in their chosen industry. We assist these partners in helping leverage their pre-existing network to develop and implement business case strategies. We also provide initial and ongoing investment to help these relationships grow. At Top Five we are active investors working directly with our partners to implement and foster strategic managed growth.

Advance Technology Segments – In addition to investing in mature industrial markets, Top Five also looks to invest in emerging markets helping to advance technologies that will lead future industrial growth. Top Five investments have led to several market disruptions in transportation markets and other key market segments. We are currently investing in advanced material technology as well as other technology in the EV and Autonomous space.


Top Five has 2 primary investment strategies. First, we seek to invest in mature industrial markets in strong growth segments. Second, we seek to invest in advance technology markets that impact emerging market segments such as EV, Autonomous and Advanced Material.​


  • Over 15 years’ experience in executive level management positions with publicly traded companies in the power/energy and apparel markets.

  • The past 22 years as a private business owner in the Chattanooga area, acquiring, as well as start up, of several small businesses.

  • Experience in developing markets and business strategies in several industries including heavy equipment, real estate and the printing industry.

  • Currently CFO and partner at Top Five Inc. and Composite Application Group LLC.

  • Currently involved in several businesses in a consultant capacity.


  • Over 24 years of automotive industry experience working for Fortune 500 companies as well as a business owner.

  • Over 20 years as an entrepreneur with focus in industry, technology and real estate markets.

  • Primary experience at executive level and plant/operations management and business development.

  • Plant Manager and General Manager for Johnson Controls and Leggett & Platt.

  • Principal partner and General Manager of Modern Industries.

  • Experience in growing businesses and developing marketing strategies to allow expansion in target markets.

  • Involved with international markets in Mexico, China, Korea and Europe including developing joint ventures and international business development.

  • Currently serving on several company and institutional Board of Directors and Advisory Board positions.


Top Five Inc. was founded in 2006 by entrepreneurial partners with a common goal of helping other entrepreneurs successfully leverage their market experience and network into successful business ventures.



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